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I Stand Re-Leaved
« on: March 18, 2012, 06:24:42 PM »

As I have hinted to you in the past I believe that my time here at SMM must come to an end. Due to my health I just don't have “IT” in me to spend hours a day at the computer, nor due I have the brain power to cope with the complexities of the “New” internet. I have come to the painful conclusion that SMM is suffering under my leadership.

Garet is now the head administrator of SMM.

Garet and Lou and a small group of dedicated volunteers
have been running the site in my stead and have pledged to continue to do so.
You have been and will be in good hands, I will be around for as long as I can.

I think you are due a brief explanation.

It has taken over ten years, but,  I have seen this site start from one member, myself, one plan, a Guillow's P-40, too over 250 members and well over a thousand plans.
A place lacking judgment and negativity, a place to be mentored, not shamed for your efforts.
Only one active member has ever been booted and that was at the request of MANY other members.
I realized When I saw the article about SMM and my name wasn’t mentioned that it had become bigger than me. It no longer needs me anymore. It has taken on a life of it's own now.

Leadership sets you apart from the rest of the group and it asks more of you than you can sometimes give. I can not give all that SMM asks of me. I must accept my ever growing list of limitations.

I have choices to make and I must choose those things that I am best at and most able to accomplish right now. I must choose my lifelong dreams and goals over my hobbies. I only have enough energy for the one.

Because of the need for pain medications, I have found it much harder to even complete a legible E-Mail. Thus the disjointed nature of even this letter. I must apologize for its' brevity.

It has been my humble pleasure to have known this place, these people and too have brought them together.

Thank you Gentleman.

“Let The Chips fly my friends!”

Oceaneer99, I stand re-leaved!

"The Dude Abides"