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1/32 Grumman Widgeon
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:40:58 PM »
3/8" = 1' scale model Grumman Widgeon based on highly detailed Paul Matt drawings found in a 1967 issue of American Modeler magazine.

The first photo shows the main component parts.  After the fuselage was carved, I cut away the cabin area, painted the exposed wood a dark gray color, then filled the cavity with clear casting resin from a craft store.  Otherwise, the model follows typical solid model construction techniques.

The next photo shows the cabin casting operation in progress.  I made a form around the cabin area using thin sheet plastic (from a For Sale sign) to contain the liquid casting resin.  Unfortunately, the plastic warped as the resin was curing and some of the resin leaked out creating a mess to clean up.

Next is a photo of the sealed model ready for the first primer coats surrounded by some of the products used in its construction.  At this stage, the model has received several coats of fiberglass resin and is sanded smooth.  The automotive primer sealer works well for filling scratches; it dries rapidly and can be wet sanded right away.  The hardware store laquer thinner is used to thin the primer surfacer for use in the cheap spray gun.  The heel shaped wood part in front of the paint can is the scrap section removed from the fuselage; I'm not sure why its in the photo...

Next is a photo showing the model prior to adding the final paint colors.  Detail parts are made from styrene and brass.  Main wheels are from thick acrylic sheet; the tail wheel was made from a sandwich of punched plastic disks (from the little plastic tabs used to close bags of sandwich bread).  Tail wheel fork is from aluminum. Struts are from brass rod.  After the photo, the landing gear parts were removed to be permanantly attached after painting and the cabin windows were masked off.

The close up of the wing shows the rib effect made by applying .010" styrene strips to the wing and blending them in with primer.  Propellors are from aspen with lines scribed using a hot knife then stained using artist's tube oil paint (brown ochre), other details on the propellors were painted on.

The yellow is Floquil Reefer Yellow applied over a coat of flat white.  The PAA logo and Grumman logo decals were applied over white circles to create the appropriate background colors.  The markings were made using InkScape drawing software and printed on decal paper using an ink jet printer.  The flag was printed on white decal paper, clear decal paper was used for the other markings.

Thanks for looking.
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Mark Braunlich

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Re: 1/32 Grumman Widgeon
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2012, 02:17:49 PM »
Very nice Jeff as usual with your work.  Wings of Peace currently running contest for civie twins...maybe you will enter?



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Re: 1/32 Grumman Widgeon
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What a superb subject and model Jeff,I have often thought of using clear casting resin in the way that you have here,the idea really works well.