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Making Solids from Photos....
« on: April 11, 2008, 01:36:39 PM »

Have you searched "all over the wide world, file cabinet, kasket, Internet, etc...etc" ... for that plan you "Need" for that "absolutly necessary" model and Not found it?.....I have several times!!!! :-[ :-[

Well if you really want to make the model and the only things around are some good or "fairly good" photos you are in the money!!!!...

There is technique called " Interpolation" which in big words is descibed like this:
"  In the mathematical subfield of numerical analysis, interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points."..... ;D ;D ;D
With this mumbo-jumbo you can make models from photos.....Not!!! absolute "Scale" but if you are careful and work
slowly you get a fairly "descent" representation of the original.

This is what you do...............

1) Get some good photos of the aircraft....side, front and back-----BUT make sure that something that you know
its "hight" and "width" is VERY near to the object.......nothing better than a Human!!!!! you need a Human!!!...why?
because you can make a fairly good "guess" how high and how wide the guy or girl is!!!!!!!!! and He or Her will
be your " Discrete set of known data points"!!!!! to use as reference to construct " new data points"-------The Model!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

2) Measure the Guy or Girl with a with those measures start collecting the new data from the fuselage, wings, tail feathers of the aircraft and "transpolate" them to paper.....You dont have to make a completly "beautiful" drawing or a pretty one....just the correct size and form.....when you finish the drawing.

3) Start cutting the "rough" pieces form wood and carefully "finish" them by using the photos and your good eyes....
That´s it......after some work you should have a fairly good representation of the plane or whatever.....
Give it a try.....

I have about three projects that will have to follow this technique since I have even spoken to some witches and no plans have materialized!!!!!

Here is one which I did about two years ago following this technique.....
I was very lucky to find a " 2 VIEW" of this SM-71 and four good photos of it, with a "mechanic" standing right by it..

I " Needed" this very strange "Alligator Mouth" Piaggio 32, and the only reference I found was a color picture of the
side and several photos.......See the guy with the "white monkey" suit----he saved the day by becoming my "descret set of data points"... :D :D :D

The rest is history..................

Making "Bubble" canopies.....another trick!!!

Finished " Almost-Scale" Model using this technique.

....There is nothing so good as a piece of Salami a large glass of red Italian wine while making a solid!!!!!




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Re: Making Solids from Photos....
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2008, 10:06:38 AM »
Just viewed your collection on the gallery. very nice work. my favorite is the IL28 which reminds me of the SO Vautour which will be a project of mine someday. Again very nice models.