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Bench Hook Vee Block
« on: January 19, 2017, 07:29:13 PM »
I've been struggling for a while on the best method to capture or cradle an object while it is being carved if it cannot be easily clamped. A standard bench hook works fine when the object I am working on is thin and flat. But if the item has any significant height or thickness or is curved at the end, the standard bench hook  it is often difficult or unsafe to use .

One day while surfing, I came across a web site for decoy carving where the carver used a vee shaped cutout in his workbench to capture the decoy body while shaping it. Dare I say the workbench looked well worn. But the body being shaped was always constrained and could be easily rotated, elevated etc. Rather than damaging my workbench, I've opted to affix a set of tall wooden vee blocks to a bench hook. This approach not only protects my workbench, but also allows the the vee blocks to be stored when not required. The vee blocks safely cradle the object to allow carving or chiselling away from body parts. The height provides stability when wide thin objects are turned on the side for shaping and finishing while the vee shape provides lateral stability.

I've put together an initial set of plans for those who may be interested. All dimensions can be changed to suit as required. The key aspects of the design for a successful end product are the height of the vee blocks being higher than the backstop for a normal bench hook and the two 45 degree sides which cradle the piece while it is being carved or sanded. The hardwood faces are optional and the length and width of the base can be tailored to suit typical carving sizes and comfortable reaching.

The photos below show the finished assembly and holding of a fuselage and wing for carving, filing or sanding. The fuselage is approximately 12" long and the wing is approximately 18" long.
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Re: Bench Hook Vee Block
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2017, 05:18:46 AM »
I am going to make some of these. Thanks for the tip.