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 Of the Mark IV ?

Take lots of pictures.

Johnny Todd's Project Board / Messerschmitt BF110 in 1/56 scale
« Last post by johnnytodd on Today at 04:52:49 PM »
For my annual wargamers "build something" contest I'm again building a WW2 plane with some infamy.  This time its the Messerschmitt BF110 flown by Rudolf Hess in his failed peace mission to England in 1941.  My build includes the plane, the pilot and a wood parachute.  Follow progress here:

I'll post a final set of photos here when the project is finished
Boomerang's Projects / Re: 1/32 Macchi M5 Commenced 26th DEC 2016
« Last post by buccfan on Today at 01:45:12 PM »
Thanks Gordon, we have the Titebond over here as well, I have used it for general woodworking purposes. Regards Paul J.

 It does look a bit weird but it's different. I suppose you could squash it up bit more to get the
 Toon effect. .

  From what I've read there was a bit of thought put into it. Minimising drag etc..,


Boomerang's Projects / Re: 1/32 Macchi M5 Commenced 26th DEC 2016
« Last post by Boomerang on Today at 12:24:10 PM »

Thank you Paul.

I used a wood glue called tight bond over here. I still have a few unopened tubes of balsa cement.


 Fuselage and wing are balsa. Tail plane is 1.5mm ply.

 At this stage I'm planning on making a " half " Oberursal.
 Work will be on hold for a few days as I will be away.

Went to the Australian War Memorial yesterday.

"Mephisto" the captured A7V was in there last time. There is now the Mark IV tank in its place.

 The left side sponson has been removed to reveal the interior.

 Toss up between the Whippet and the Mark IV now.

 Nieuport is looking good.


Monthly PING! / Re: January 2018 Ping
« Last post by lastvautour on Today at 12:15:43 PM »
I am copying WWI models to so they can be displayed together.

Check it but remember it is a work in progress.

Lou's Projects / Re: 1/32 Bruno Stillman 55 Fishing Boat
« Last post by lastvautour on Today at 12:03:27 PM »
Yes and messy as chips fly everywhere. I await summer to move my operation outside so I can use the new planer.

Nice. I know that you accurately portrait the craft but is does look like an AirToon aircraft.

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